Rifle Dry Fire Snap Caps – Two for $25.00



These will allow you to dry-fire your lever action rifle multiple times without ejecting the round each time the gun is cycled. Your firing pin will strike a shock absorbing rubber to help avoid damaging your firing mechanism. Specially machined to keep it from eject when the rifle is cycled and specially sized to fit tight enough to not turn in the chamber. It works in most .38 spl./.357 mag. and .45LC caliber lever action rifles.” Two per package.

Snap caps are necessary for function testing your gun and for dry-fire practice. They help protect your firing mechanism and provide for meaningful practice in loading and unloading your gun. The special “red rubber primer” used in all Palo Verde Snap Caps helps identify it as a “dummy” round and has been tested to 5,000 firing pin strikes. Note: We have tested Silicone as a primer substitute and found it to NOT stop the firing pin from “bottoming” when fired with moderate hammer spring strength. Thus, silicone does not provide protection for your firing mechanism. It took many months of searching and testing to find this special red rubber from the automobile industry that works so well.

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.38, .45


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