“NEW” UBERTI 1866 & 1873 Super Short Stroke Kit



Super Short Stroke Kit for Uberti rifles.

The New Uberti 1866 & 1873 Super Short Stroke Kit is made from 41-40 high tensile steel which has high fatique strength, excellent toughness and good corrosion resistance.

The kit comes supplied with 2 grub screws and an allen key so the timing is adjustable without fully dissasembling the rifle. With the first screw you can adjust what time the carrier arm starts to go up pushed by the lever. The bolt and the carrier should not touch each other and even more important the tab on the bottom of the bolt should not touch the incoming round. If that happens eventually the tab will break. With the second screw you can adjust carrier timing so that the lever pushes the carrier completely down to the bottom of its travel.

Installation of this short stroke kit is possible without filing or welding and on top of all that the timing can be easily readjusted should the action begin to loosen after usage as the parts wear in. No more cutting and welding, filing and bending, and taking the complete rifle apart! Pop off the side plates, adjust the tolerances with the set screws, and you’re done!

All the mating surfaces have also been polished but left a jeweling effect for the retention of oil and lubricants. All sharp edges have been radiused to prevent binding and catching. This should provide an unmatched wearing ability to cope with the rigorous use seen in Single Action Shooting.


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