Shotgun 12 ga Snap Caps



Being made from actual shotshell hulls, the P.V. Dry Fire shotgun Snap Cap will give you the most authentic feel and best practice at loading and tossing them from your Cowboy Double Barrel. And, being the same light weight as empty shotgun hulls, they will not beat-up the ejector on your Winchester ‘97. Repeated use of heavy, metal or weighted Dummies will damage the ejection mechanism on Winchester 1897s and, being much heavier than empty hulls, they give a false feel of ejection when tossing them from a Double Barrel. Double Barrel Shotgun shooters need the same weight and sizing of a fired hull to practice tossing them out as well as loading. These Snap Caps are made from actual shotshells that have been fire formed and re-sized — they have the same weight as an empty hull.

Four per package.

Snap caps are necessary for function testing your gun and for dry-fire practice. They help protect your firing mechanism and provide for meaningful practice in loading and unloading your gun. The special “red rubber primer” used in all Palo Verde Snap Caps helps identify it as a “dummy” round and has been tested to 5,000 firing pin strikes. Note: We have tested Silicone as a primer substitute and found it to NOT stop the firing pin from “bottoming” when fired with moderate hammer spring strength. Thus, silicone does not provide protection for your firing mechanism. It took many months of searching and testing to find this special red rubber from the automobile industry that works so well.


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