Marlin Spring Kit



Fits Marlin Models: 1894 all models, 1895 all models, 39A, 336 and 444. Also Fits The Rossi Rio Grande.

Will give you a lighter, smoother action and slightly lighter trigger pull.

Kit contains:

  • One hammer (main) spring
  • Lever-plunger spring
  • Two White nylon hammer spring bushings, two Blue nylon hammer spring bushings, and four Red adjuster washers
  • Main Spring with 7 adjustable tensions
  • Complete pictured instructions

All Palo Verde Spring Kits include the highest quality springs with the ends closed and ground flat so the spring sits flat and square. All springs are zinc coated to resist corrosion or are of stainless steel. Nylon bushings maintain spring alignment, reduce friction and provide an easy way to adjust tension without cutting coils from the spring. Different combinations of bushings and adjuster washers produce different spring tensions with about an 8% change in spring tension between settings to fine tune for individual guns and ammo.

Nylon bushings and adjuster washers are color coded for easy installation.


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